Guru Tattoo

"Convergence" by Aaron Della Vedova [18x36” on Fuji Photo Paper]

The original "Convergence" was painted by Aaron Della Vedova for Guru Tattoo's Volume One book release and art show. This high quality  reproduction is printed on Fuji Crystal archive paper, measuring approx 18" x 36", and is professionally packaged in a shipping tube fit for international travel. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

A message from the artist about the original work of art.

by Aaron Della Vedova
Oil on wood

Sometimes I wonder how many of the thoughts in my head are actually mine.  Representing my authentic opinions and beliefs, versus what has been taught to me by my culture.  Do I see the wires that connect me to the grid?  Sometimes.  Even my awareness of the fact that I am, to some degree, a product of my environment, does not seem to disable its effects on me.  At this point too much of it is already hard wired and infused with the power of habit.  A necessary part of my personality, without which I would be less able to function in life.  So how do I escape?  How do I take a break from this endless plotting and planning of a thousand things that, at times, cause only stress and worry?  I simply shift my attention in a new direction.  Back to the source. I turn my awareness inward towards my heart.  Where my original nature resides.  The one that was there before I had a name, titles and roles to play.  It's the place where there is only truth and love.  It talks to me in whispers that we call intuition, gut instinct or love.  It waits only for me to listen.  And so it is that I stand on top of the knowledge that our society so dearly covets and tune away from the wires that connect me to the made up drama.  It is in this moment that  I fall freely into my authentic self.  And I can only feel gratitude as the pristine silence pervades as I begin to converge.